The Signature HydraFacial process is simple; 3 steps to refresh the skin. This treatment will help boost hydration, refresh dull skin and protect against environmental factors, leaving your skin looking radiant. Suitable for all skin types & concerns. Gives instant results.



Clarifying Treatment

This includes all of the benefits of The Signature HydraFacial treatment PLUS concentration on extractions and blue LED to help rid skin of bacteria causing acne.


Recommended for those with concerns of acne, pore congestion, oily skin type



Step 1: Dermaplaning

Step 2: Hydrafacial


Dermaplaning allows for the gentle removal of dead cells from the surface of your skin (BONUS -- Removes peach fuzz!) HydraFacial allows us to deeply clean, exfoliate, hydrate and protect your complexion. This power duo will leave you glowing for days!


Recommended for most skin types -- great prior to events for enhanced radiance and smooth makeup application

Includes exfoliating, hydrating lip treatment with the Hydrafacial device


Restorative Treatment

This includes all of the benefits of The Signature HydraFacial treatment PLUS an added booster vial, followed by an LED light treatment.

Boosters are potent formulas packed with active ingredients that target and treat specific concerns.

LED offers all of the following benefits:

  • Promotes Collagen & visibly improves the appearance of fine lines & wrinkles

  • Visibly brightens skin & helps combat uneven skintone

  • Reduces inflammation and prevents breakouts & blemishes


Recommended for those that have concerns of aging -- fine lines/wrinkles, even skin tone, texture, hydration, dark spots, lack luster skin


Platinum Treatment

Your Platinum treatment will start with facial lymphatic drainage that diminishes puffiness of the face; followed by The Signature Hydrafacial. Also includes a rejuvenating peel, a booster vial, and LED light treatment.



Platinum Plus Treatment

This facial incorporates everything that the Platinum treatment include PLUS your experience starts with dermaplaning & treatment of the neck and décolleté.

Everything included:

  • Signature Hydrafacial

  • Dermaplaning

  • Lymphatic Drainage

  • LED Light Therapy

  • Neck and décolleté treatment